Butters Story
Special Ops Butters by Tony King
Special Ops Butters
by Tony King/Beautifully Mad, Australia
Butters Gets Out The Vote 2018
Butters and Bibi at Scottsbluff Arizona
Butters and BiBi Sweep the Breed Competition
At Scottsbluff Arizona.
Myrtle Hill Hounds For Dog Training
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Grand Champion Prince Of Myrtle Hill
Westminster Award Of Merit

Butter's Westminster Award Of Merit
Butters goes to Westminster!
A huge thank you to Butters' handler Loran Morgan!
Myrtle Hill Hounds is a canine preservation advocate.  We believe that each dog should be sound in mind and body
and fully functional as a solid representative of their breed type.
Dog Show and Silent Command Training since 1975
Trainers - Robert J Day and Maureen Meredith Day
Denver  Colorado -  720.808.6959

Myrtle Hill TV Credits Include:
"General Hospital"
Recurring Roles of Afghan Hounds
Amber and Strider (on Cassidine Yacht etc.)

The Famous Farrah Fawcett Episode - Red Foxx Show
Afghan Hound Strider in Farah Fawcett Wig

Butters Drone Pack
Butters Beagle Drone pack
Butters by James Morrissey
Butters at The Penn
By James Morrissey

Butters The Flying Dog
Butters The Flying Beagle

Agility beagle
Agility Boy

Water beagle
TadPole Water Dog

Butters on the run!
Lure Course Dog

Butters Barn Hunt Boy
Barn Hunt Boy
3 Women Documentary
Butters stars in the
"3 Women"

Butters Rehearses for 3 Women
Butters rehearses with
Robert Day For 3 Women Film
Butters With Buddies
Butters with Westminster Buddies
Butters with his Westminsteer Fan Club Lieutenants
Butters with his Westminster
Fan Club Lieutenants!
Robert, Butters and Loran Morgan
Butters and Robert
with Loran Morgan
Butters' Pro Plan Prize and Westminster Medallion
Butters Pro Plan Prize and
Westminster AOM Medallion
Butters the Space Dog by James Morrissey
Butters The Space Dog
By James Morrissey
Intl BISS Grand Champion Honey Pot Dande En Arikok Park   Intl BISS Grand Champion Honey Pot Dande En Arikok Park
MBISS BISS Phil HOF / American / Thailand /
Maylaysian / China / SEA / APAC / Intl CH PW'18 AW'17 AW'18 
Honey Pot Dande En Arikok Park
Best In Show, Beagle Specialty
The World Dog Show
Amsterdam 2018

Sire of our CH Honey Pot Lady NeuFairyis Bee "BiBi"
BiBi finished her Chapionship in four consecutive shows with 4 majors at only 9 months old!
Special ops Butters
Butteers gets ice cream
Butters Gets Ice Cream

Butters Helping in Studio
Butters Helping in Studio